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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy

Sonni is an intuitive who is highly trained and experienced with many modalities of energy therapy. The work that Sonni performs supports deep, energetic shifts within the body, resulting in profoundly positive results with physical and emotional healing. Energy therapy addresses both physical ailments (chronic pain, injuries, illness) and emotional ailments (depression, anxiety, fear, and more). Sonni tailors the energy modality to meet your specific needs.
energy therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

The body has its own natural rhythms. When those rhythms are off, craniosacral puts those rhythms back in sync with the body, making people calm and balanced.

Chakra Clearing

Chakras are channels of energy based on different functions of life and formed through thoughts and experiences. Blockages and negative energy need to be cleared.

DNA Reprogramming

Trauma and life experiences are held at a cellular level. DNA reprogramming energetically shifts the trauma out of the body by rewriting our experiences and removing energetic blocks.

Hands-On Touch Therapy

This energy therapy uses gentle touch to restore a person's energy field to a place of harmony with its environment and accelerate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Etheric Therapy

The physical body is anchored to the energy matrix of the etheric body, so healing the etheric body heals the physical body of physical and emotional ailments.


Reiki is the Japanese method of guiding life force energy. Literally "Rei" means "Higher Power" and "Ki" means "life force energy." Reiki is the process of spiritually guiding energy to improve health and happiness.
Crystal Bed Therapy

Energy Therapy Testimonialse

"I have been receiving energy therapy work from Sonni for a long time now. It started out that I was so depressed that I could barely get off the couch. I am now happy, able to go to work. Have a wonderful life and a wonderful relationship and I feel I owe it all to Sonni. Her work is amazing!
Thank you Sonni Scher, for all your encouragement, your wisdom, and for helping through my blocks that were keeping me stuck in my old patterns.
With love, respect, and gratitude."
- Valerie Hemming

"I have had enery work before, but this is different then anything I've ever experienced. I think it's because Sonni is gifted and trained in so many areas that she has been able to help me with everything I needed. The craniosacral work she does makes me feel so calm, so ready to take on the world. I can think more clearly and make better decisions in my life. The hands on touch work is undescribable. She is truly gifted."

Jill Agtine

"Sonni is an amazing intuitive. And the energy therapy, also known as DNA reprogramming is the most helpful work I have ever received. In 3 months of working with Sonni I have gotten past issues I have been working through with therapist for years. It works on such a deep level, and it's hard to explain, but changes happen. Not just in your mind. But in your body. Good changes. Swift changes. I am so grateful to Sonni and her amazing touch, her kindness and her talents, which she calls 'gifts'."

- Peggy Melendez

"I had just gotten surgery and was in so much pain. Sonni is a friend of a friends and she offered to help me. One session with her and all my pain was gone. I know, I know, she won't make any claims for this amazing gift she has. But I can tell you. It was nothing less then a miracle for me. The pain did not return though her instructions were to now take very good care of myself. Not to push myself so hard, and to always remember to love and nurture myself so that I could continue in my journey to love others.

Thank you Sonni Scher. You are a gift to us all!!"

- Julie B.P


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